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It’s time for a revolution of fun socks.

For too long, men and women have been trapped within the oppressive institution of conventionally approved socks.  You had the illusion of choice – black for work, white for sports, and grey when you mixed up your laundry. Yes, there was a time when you knew that someone was an adult because they wore a suit to work while June Cleaver vacuumed in her pearls, but no more!  

The Uptown Sox partners have dedicated themselves to the dismissal ordinary fashion.  Our fun and colorful novelty socks will bring excitement to your wardrobe and your life as you take to the streets with a cry of “NO BORING SOCKS!”

Our team has spent countless hours meticulously working on designs, patterns, and finding the best materials.  We searched high and low for a quality sock with a high thread count and when we found it, we lost the other one (seriously, where did my other sock go?).  We’ve perfected our brand with you in mind. From the sophisticated patterns in our "Suit Up Collection" to the "Sir Bacon" sock (a perfect breakfast inspired sock for those casual mornings), we can finally say that both men and women have a choice in how they accessorize their feet. WARNING - Wearing Uptown Sox will cause people to stop and start up a random conversation just to try and get a little closer. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

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